Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bloggie, Blog, Blog!

Another new CF mom blog!

This one by my girl Jamie! Her son Radek is just a couple months younger than Gavin…and is a CUTIE PIE!


See?!? I told you he is CUTEEEEE!

Over the last few weeks, she and I have gotten to know each other pretty well, and I am hoping to get the chance to meet up with her in October.... well I guess we’ll bring the guys with too :)

While Gavin was diagnosed after birth through the newborn screening test, Radek was diagnosed in utero when she was 18 weeks pregnant through a blood screening test. I personally don’t remember ever being offered this…but maybe I was and just said no, not knowing of any family history of any genetic diseases…much less CF.

Same disease, very different story…check it out!

Click HERE to follow their story.

What’s that? Jamie…it’s Florida.  The Keys are calling our names!!! :)

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  1. What a little stud muffin! A friend in Florida, score!!