Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday!


We’re moving in 4 weeks. We need new furniture, new paint, new decor etc. So of course, I did not decide that yesterday was the perfect time to invest in a new camera. I would never be crazy enough to make such a large purchase right before an expensive move! Nope, not me!

This morning, I did not bring said camera into Gavin’s room when he woke up from a nap.


I of course, did not start shooting away instead of picking him up and snuggling…


And by not doing so, my son would never look at me like I’m a crazy woman!


He also did not attempt to get out of the crib himself when I didn’t reach over to grab him right away…nope, never happened!


This afternoon, we did not head over to the local zoo so that I could play around with my new toy even more. Nope, that entire rendezvous was totally for Gavin’s sake…not mine!

But more on that not selfish trip to the zoo tomorrow!

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