Friday, April 30, 2010

He was…

watching a lawn crew mow the lawn!



As excited as I am to move out of this townhome, I will miss have the lawn (and snow) taken care of! We were definitely spoiled in that aspect.

Today, I have dozens of red ribbons covering our kitchen island


It’s hard to believe that our Great Strides walk is tomorrow.

Time has been flying by. We move two weeks from today…but I’ve gone from 2 boxes packed to about 8 boxes packed…so I guess I’m making progress.

The next weeks will keep on flyin’ fly by as we stay busy…which includes three upcoming doctor appointments for Gavin.

  • May 5th – “regular” CF clinic appt
  • May 12th – 15 month wellness check
  • May 26th – Infant PFTs

This round of PFTs are being performed because of his large drop in the last test. He was placed on an additional inhaled medication after this drop & our team wants to see if this step gets his numbers back up to where they need to be…or if a stronger measure needs to be taken.

Well, today the weather is sticky & humid as storms pass through…hopefully they’re out of here by this evening as we await the arrival of Gavin’s Aunt Stacy, and his two cousins who are flying in from Indiana to join us on our walk!

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