Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CF Momma’s

Grabbed this from Phenny Man’s mom Angela

"To ALL you Cystic Fibrosis mommas"
found on

I don’t know where to start this
So I guess I’ll use the start
The part where you had a sick baby
I know it broke your heart…

All the medications
You had to make me take
The clapping and the enzymes
The strength you sometimes faked…

Through my teenage years
I know I was a pain
Thank you for putting up with me
Though driving you insane…

Every time you’d hear me cough
I know it would stop your heart
When I’d get an infection
It must have torn you apart…

Now that I’m a mother too
I am always looking back
I can’t imagine what you’d go through
Listening to me hack…

Thank you for teaching me
That CF was not an excuse
And making me take my pills
When I tried to refuse…

You are my CF momma
No words can explain
The strength you possess inside
That gets you through the pain…

That strength you had to get up
In the middle of the night
To bring me a glass of water
And be there by my side…

To teach me to love others
As much as I love myself
And sometimes you taught me
To put my pride up on the shelf…

I know sometimes you blame yourself
For that gosh darned faulty gene
I want to know that I wouldn’t
Change it for anything…

That gene made me who I am who I am today
A strong amazing girl
I wouldn’t change one thing
About my CF world…

I have met terrific people
I help doing an amazing thing
All because of that one
Gosh darned faulty gene!!!

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