Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was all for Gavin…

I swear!…we totally went to the zoo for Gavin’s enjoyment! I just happened to bring my new toy along!

There was barely anyone there today…


…maybe five other families. But I have a feeling that there were some people putting in their community service time…some shady looking characters were cleaning up the place!

Either way, it’s so much fun watching Gavin’s jaw drop in amazement as he checks out all the animals moseying around

We hung out around the bear exhibit for quite some time, he was wide awake and checking out the crowd (aka Gavin and myself) and our little man could hardly handle the excitement

And then there is the Helleckson House…a home built around 1850 that was moved to the park. Built by my peeps, the Norwegians.


Walking inside, it’s difficult not to imagine what it might have been like to live there so long ago! A house brimming with kids, cold air seeping through the cracks of the walls in the dead of winter…

And can you even imagine using these…


to plow the fields and gather your crops?? No thankyouverymuch!  Call me a city girl, but I’m all good with electricity…heat…and the grocery store!

Because it was so empty today, Gavin was able to run around, much to his heart’s delight

walking 2picking up sticks


Oh come on…you knew there’d be collecting of sticks!


And we ended the adventure with some giggles while relaxing on a big wooden swing!


Looking back at all the pictures…we might have been out at a zoo but we spent very little time actually looking at the animals…and a whole lot of time running & playing around!

We’re both ecstatic that the weather is finally getting warm…and hopefully staying warm…we have a lot of world to explore!


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  1. I need to get to the zoo, before it gets to hot to be fun!