Monday, April 5, 2010

Chipotle anyone?

We spent the holiday weekend with my mom in the Twin Cities. Since she lives just minutes from the Mall of America, we decided to head over to Underwater Adventures. The last time we brought Gavin, he was around six months old, so I was excited for him to enjoy it more this time around.

My brother just recently moved back to the Twin Cities, so he was able to join along. Gavin is really excited to get to know his Uncle better now that he is living closer!


There was a lot of oohing and ahhing in amazement and pointing to the big creatures as he watched the fish swim around him and above him.

   100_3869 100_3870 100_3871 100_3872 100_3875

100_3873100_3874 100_3878 

Unfortunately, it was really crowded but thankfully Gavin didn’t seem to mind. He had a couple of opportunities to run around on his own and point at fish tanks, but he refuses to hold anyone’s hand and is extremely social so I’m always panicked that he’ll happily take off with a stranger.

Don’t be surprised if you see our wild child tethered to us the next time we’re out in public…

Once we got home we realized my mom did not forget to plug in the crock pot containing the roast for dinner (little Not Me Monday for ya!) so we hit up Chipotle for dinner.

Any guesses on who LOVES their black beans?


With so much going on, including playing with my mom’s new puppy, the little man refused to fall asleep until after 10 pm on Saturday night…way past his bedtime!

Then the next morning after opening his Easter basket (including several Mickey items, his new obsession)

…he refused his regular nap…

It caught up to him at lunchtime. Even with Casey, myself, my mom, brother, aunt, two cousins and grandma at the table (& we’re not exactly a quiet family)…he conked out!

sleeping at table 
Gavin was so excited to get home, he literally ran into the house and straight to his toys. As much fun as it is to get away, there is nothing like the comfort of home! Hopefully even more in about five weeks when we MOVE to our new home!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter holiday!


  1. That's hilarious. I think I have a photo of Iris finally losing a nap battle in her high chair as well. Little stinkers.

  2. Ahh, what a great weekend it was.