Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home Again

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of Gavin in his new swing out in the backyard. We have a small yard, too small for a swing set (or Casey just doesn't want to mow around it...) so we attached it to a pole meant for a clothesline. Btw...a swing just like this one at Target costs eighty dollars. Umm excuse me? Eighty dollars for a plastic swing?!? I don't think so! We got essentially the same swing at Walmart for just twenty-three bucks...

I brought my camera with us to the grad party on Saturday but I only took one picture. I know I know, really? Me? Forget to take pictures? I guess I was just too busy talking!! The one I took does show off Gavin in my his favorite pair of overalls :) The blanket was made by Casey's childhood friend Kevin's mom Cindy. Gavin LOVES the soft texture of the blanket and loves to chew gum-down the tags.

Well our 24 hour trip to Rochester ended up taking 48 hours, but because we stayed Casey was able to interview at a second place so it all worked out ok. If one of these interviews ends up in Casey getting a job then we will be relocating to Rochester, but at this point that is still a major if. This is also why I did not do a "Not Me Monday" sorry! Of course the check engine light in the car decided to turn on while we were there so we had to get that checked out as well (nothing major, but we'll have to get it fixed soon...) which took not one, but two trips to the mechanic. After the hour drive home we are relaxing in front of the tv and staying away from the pouring rain outside.

But before we took off on Sunday afternoon, Gavin decided that no one was going to put him down! So guess who put on the baby Bjorn so we could get packed up...it wasn't mommy!

While we were in Rochester, Casey's mom took out a hand mirror for Gavin to play with...it was a hit! Not only did he enjoy staring at his reflection, he also decided to lick his reflection. What a goon.
So, so, so tired, but having so much fun with the mirror
(remind me again why we even spend money on baby toys?!?)

Yesterday evening we met up with some of Casey's family to celebrate Father's day with his grandpa who is currently living in an "old folks home." The Brown's had the biggest family in attendance (eight of us) what a lucky guy! Of course everyone had to have some time to stare at our little man! From left to right, Great-Aunt Julie, Great-Grandpa (Charlie) Brown, Great-Grandma (Jerry) Brown. Casey's mom, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kate were also present.

Can you tell that I love babies in overalls?
The fact that he matched the decorations was purely coincidental

What happens when it's daddy's turn to do Gavin's treatments and he's waited until late at night and is really tired?

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  1. He is soooo cute! The picture with the mirror had us giggling today.