Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Weekend

Did you know that a dollar worth of glow sticks can create hours of fun?

This past weekend Gavin's two cousins, Morgan & Grant, (and their parents) were in town from Southern Indiana, and will be in town until the 6th. Morgan absolutely adores "baby Gavin" and Grant can't figure out why Gavin won't walk with him when he grabs his hand. On Saturday night Casey's mom got out the glow sticks and the kids had a blast. Morgan made everyone bracelets and necklaces to wear while Gavin just goobered on whatever he could get his hands on. We have a pretty fun day planned tomorrow, you'll see pics of this later of course!
Casey's highschool friend Emily had her baby Juliet Jude on Saturday evening (you did go "early" Em! Even if it was just 2 hours before your due date! hehe). While Juliet's daddy Dave is already concerned about "that Groettum boy" and has sworn that the two cannot hang out without supervision until they are at least eighteen, I think that they are pretty cute together...maybe fifteen years down the road we'll get another of the two of them together attending a formal dance? :) We promise he'll have her home by 10 pm!

Another little friend, Liam Winkler, the son of Jen's college friend Suzanne, arrived via c-section on Sunday. Yes, I've reached the age where every weekend there seems to be either a wedding or a new baby born! Hopefully we can get those two boys together sometime in the near future. Congrats Suz and Ryan on your new little one!
Just 4 1/2 weeks until the third annual Heise family reunion...Gavin cannot wait to meet even more of his extended family! Maybe he'll even try to waterski? :)

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  1. man, I'll have to get my boys some glo sticks, and keep them entertained for a while.