Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yay for Phoenix!

Little Phoenix got his vest! I am so jealous, cannot wait until Gavin turns one so that we can get one too. I have been told that they are the best first birthday present...ever!

Take a look at his site if you are curious about the vest and what it looks like working. His momma posted a few pictures and a video. Plus he is absolutely ADORABLE...just looking at his cute face is reason enough to visit their site! Did you know that the vest was invented at the University of Minnesota? Pretty cool stuff huh :)

I have stumbled across a couple of other CF parents blogs. Nathan is an adorable little guy not much older than Gavin and Lane is a four year old that was recently diagnosed. Since CF is a pretty rare disease...only 30,000 people in the US live with it, but it is still the most "common" genetic is nice to find such a huge support system through the blog world. Every time I feel frustrated, confused or alone I always know that there are people out there to support me. Hopefully someday, when the cure is found:) all these kiddos can meet face to face. But until then, I hope all of us CF mommas can someday find a place to meet for a little getaway.

Last night Casey and I got to have a date night while my mom came over to babysit. We went out to dinner and then saw the movie, Hangover. If you haven't seen it, and need a LAUGH I highly recommend it! It is pretty crude but we laughed throughout the entire movie...including the credits :)

Today we are heading to a grad party for two guys I pretty much consider to be brothers. My brother's best friend Bryan and his older brother Bob. We all grew up together and have remained close. Luckily the weather is beautiful so we can spend some quality time outside!

We also got Gavin a small swing of his own for the backyard, which he LOVES. Will post pics later :)

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  1. I am so happy for Pheonix and his Vest...Nathan is 9.5 months old and that first birthday is just around the corner for him (and me!). I hope his chest size is big enough by then. Gavin is a cutie!!!