Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Walk In The Park

The rainy weather seems to have finally gone away, along with the 50 degree weather...woohoo! Today it got to the mid 70s and was fairly sunny. Great day for a walk, and we headed over to one of the local parks. We have several within walking distance, which we love!

Gavin went down the slides for the first time...he wasn't quite sure what to think about these. And yes, Casey did take him down the tunnel slide!
We were worried that the swings were too big for Gavin and that hewouldn't be able to hold himself up, but he sure proved us wrong! And he LOVED it! So strong for a four month old!

The little guy is now big enough to hang out in his jumperoo without a blanket wrapped around him for support. Now he can see the patterns on the seat and loves to stare at them. Right now, he's more interested in the colors than he is on actually bouncing and spinning around :)
Gavin is already showing us that he can sleep in just about any position. He's started to flip over on his belly in the middle of the night which made us both a bit nervous at first but his pediatrician said not to worry. But this cracked me up. I was sitting on the floor near him putzing around and I looked over and saw him sleeping like this in his chair...
When he's awake he definitely likes to "talk" to Casey and me. He especially loves it when we lay on the floor by him while he's on his belly to have a good heart to heart.
Think he'll be a drummer like his daddy?


  1. First, I love his bald head. He looks so tiny in that swing. I am so sick of our rain. Its been 11 days straight now. Grr

  2. He is so precious...and strong for a month old!!