Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Funday

We had another activity filled weekend!

Friday my cousin Airik graduated from high school and yesterday evening he had his graduation party. How in the world is this possible! Isn't he still just a little kid?!? Gavin got to meet several family members! His great-aunts Gini & Susie, his great-uncle Jerry, his first cousin once removed :) Jason and his wife Carla. Unfortunately the weather has been horrible this weekend (50's and raining...yes it is the frozen tundra!) and everyone had to pile inside the house instead of outside (in MN grad parties are usually held in the driveway/garage) but it was still a good time!

Today, Casey's parents came up from Rochester to visit and we headed over to the Mall of America for some shopping. Yes, we go there a lot :) It was the first time that Gavin was awake for almost the entire time. In fact, he has barely slept all day...maybe an hour max? Yikes...hope it means he'll sleep in tomorrow morning! But I have a feeling it means we'll be in for a few tantrums this evening. Ummm yep...I think one is about to begin with Mr. Crabby Pants (we'll let Daddy handle this one!)

Gavin is starting to get very steady while sitting! Today he sat for a few seconds all alone instead of immediately falling over. Just a few moments ago, Casey was trying to get him to sit up while enticing him with the remote control for the tv. What is it with kids and remotes?!?

Tonight while we did Gavin's chest therapy Casey and Gavin played one of their favorite little games. Casey pretends to be sleeping, then pops his head up and surprises Gavin. Our little guy thinks it's the funniest thing in the world. This was the first time we tried it while doing his therapy...and he laughed! Sometimes Gavin is not a fan of his chest therapy and screams (and I mean SCREAMS!) but hopefully this will be something that keeps him happy for the 20 minutes his therapy takes. I caught it on video with our digital camera so its kind of hard to see but the giggles are clearly heard...enjoy!

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  1. HOW CUTE IS THIS, IT was so weird hearing the pounding of the chest Pt in the background. It seems so normal hearing it at my own house but that is really the first time I heard it in someone's life. I AM CRYING, some things just hit home I guess. By the way the vest will be so much easier, hang in there, HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!

    Nicole Faulk- Capri's mom