Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sticky Humidity

It was stinkin' hot today...

So stinkin hot that this was Gavin's outfit of choice for the afternoon...
yes, Casey and I did sing 'Born in the USA' about 50 times today!

We spent the afternoon trying everything to avoid turning on the A/C. All windows and doors were open, and we had a fan going...can you tell that I hate having the air on?!? For those of you out of state, Minnesota summers are really, really humid! So although it was only in the eighties it felt much steamier because we all are sweaty and sticky!

Gavin decided that staying on the blanket I had spread out on the floor wasn't all that fun. It's much more fun to roll around on the carpet. He rolled across the living room floor just to play with a blanket hanging off our ottoman. Again, I spend money on baby toys because...why again???

Now we are waiting for the arriving thunderstorms to get here and cool it off for the night. Pretty much the entire state of Minnesota is under a watch/warning for severe weather. And please pray for little Stellan, he is back at Children's Hospital here in the Twin Cities.

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