Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Does money grow on trees?

Just when I think that we've caught up on buying the stuff that Gavin needs, I realize there is still more to buy. Geez, kids are expensive :) Next up is baby proofing our house. Since Gavin decided to roll over early, we better get our house baby proofed early!

Yesterday we got a highchair (found it on Craigslist!). He's pretty proud of himself when he sits in it.
Notice his socks? He's decided that its really fun to kick them off whenever I put them on...he was in the process of kicking these ones off when I snapped the pic
He's obviously a bit small for the chair still but he smiles everytime I sit him in it. Too cute! High chairs sure have gotten to be pretty complex...so many buttons and features! I am still trying to figure out what it can do.
Gavin seems to be fully recovered from his shots. He slept a lot yesterday, but did have a crabby spell in the late afternoon. Thank goodness for Tylenol! Look at those chubby little legs with his bandaids :)

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