Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lil Frog Legs

Gavin has always enjoyed his jumperoo, but only recently has he figured out that he can get himself to bounce around instead of just twirling or standing. Look at those little frog legs go!

I think part of the reason that Gavin loves this toy so much is that it allows him to be upright without anyone holding him. And the world looks a lot different when you're not stuck on your back! One of his favorite things to do is watch Louie (our dog) and laugh at him. I only caught a little bit of the giggles on tape, but you can see how much Gavin loves the dog...and how little the dog wants anything to do with Gavin!

I really should start taking videos with our video camera vs. our digital camera to get some better quality clips...but no matter what Gav sure is cute in all of them! Not that I am biased or anything :)

We are stuck inside again as it is gonna be another humid, sticky, stormy kind of day. Oh well, at least our lawn is nice and green! Maybe we'll all just hang out in jammies today...

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