Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I've decided to start my own, Not Me! Monday. I got the idea from another blogger, MckMama who I have been following for sometime now. She is a mom from Mound, MN whose youngest baby, Stellan, has had serious heart issues and has gained international recognition through her blog. Some of you from Minnesota may recognize her from the Star Tribune article, on Mother's day or news clips from our local ABC and FOX stations. Just a warning, her blogs are often cute, hilarious and don't start reading unless you are ready to set aside some serious time on her page! :)

On Saturday I most definitely did not catch my little one playing in his crib when he was supposed to be napping. And I most definitely did not run and grab my camera to laugh and take pictures of my sneaky little child rather than pick him up and rock him to sleep for his much needed nap. Not me!

There is definitely no way that I set up Gavin in his bumbo in front of my laptop so that he could watch Baby Einstein Mozart. There is no way that I let him watch the Baby Einstein on YouTube because I'm too lazy/cheap to buy the actual DVD. There is certainly no way that I put him there so I could get some stuff done in the house. No way. Not me!

Of course I did not laugh when Gavin threw a tantrum this afternoon. I most certainly did not run to grab my camera (again) to catch him on film...or whatever you call it now!...turning beet red and attempting to stand up in his kick n' play. I definitely did not wait for a few moments to see if he actually would stand up. I always pick him up when he is sad, I never get frustrated when he constantly wants to be held. No way...not me!

Finally, I most definitely have not given up trying to keep Gavin from putting everything in his mouth. I certainly would never let my little CFer suck and chew on all of his toys, even when they haven't been washed in awhile. I of course keep up with all of the cleaning/dusting/doing dishes and never avoid doing those chores so I can play with watch way....NOT ME!

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