Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's another Monday!

I am definitely not concerned that my child loves television so much that he will do anything to get a glimpse at the screen. I did not laugh when he watched it upside down the other night after completing his chest therapy. Nope, not me!

I never give my child the remote control to play with when he gets cranky. I will not regret doing this. He will never learn how to actually push the buttons and will never mess up our tv settings.

Casey and I don't think that its funny to put a diaper on Gavin's head. We would never do something ridiculous that will embarass him in the future. No way...not us!

I would of course never shove a pacifier in Gavin's mouth even though he's not really a fan. I would never try and try and try to get him to suck on one because it would make my life just a little bit easier. Nope, not me!

I never let Gavin hold onto his own bottle when he gets one. I never hope that he will be able to hold his own bottle early so that it would make those few minutes a bit easier on me. Nope, not me!

I never bring a camera into the doctors office. I never feel like I need to take a picture of every new moment! Nope, not me!
Hi Mom!

Oh crap, am I here to get shots again?!?

Mom, am I really here to get shots?!?

Now listen here woman. I do NOT need any more shots!

Dad, please don't let them do this to me!

Fine, I guess I have to have them
(what a brave little man!)

Mom, I am going to have these blurry tear filled eyes all day because of this.

I do not feel relieved that because he had shots today that he will most likely spend most of the day sleeping. I am not looking forward to having several hours to get stuff done. I am not worrying that I am going to have a crabby and very awake baby just because I am planning on having a content and very sleepy baby. Nope, never. Not me!

As of today, Gavin is in the 75th percentile for height and the 45th percentile for weight...his weight was only in the 34th percentile just last Thursday so that increase is great! He now weighs about 14.5 lbs and is 25 1/2 inches long. While we want his weight percentile to increase even more, the fact that he is growing so tall so rapidly is also a good sign that he is getting enough calories/nutrition! Today he had 2 shots and one vaccine orally. He loved getting the dropper full of meds but screamed like crazy while he got his shots! He is now sound asleep...even the dog going bonkers at the mailman didn't wake him up!

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  1. Oh he's is so cute. Those darn shots. How great that he's gaining weight. Wahoo